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Václav Ambrož
   narozen23.09. 1892  (125 let)
Karel Hoffmeister
   zemřel23.09. 1952  (65 let)

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History of the Library

The library in Ceske Budejovice (the town was founded in 1265) has its origin in 1885 - in this year the libraries of the Czech fellowships were united. It was placed in "Beseda" house (Na Sadech Street) and opened on November 12th, 1885. In 1919 the library was passed to the town administration. In 1935 it was named after our famous native Verejna mestska knihovna dra Augusta Zatky (the Public Municipal Library of. Dr. August Zatka). The library had a good quality stock, nice building (in Marianske Plaza), which attracted the residents.

View of the historic Eggert's villa 
Eggert's villa, 1980
Reconstructed Eggert's villa, 1999 
Eggert's villa, 1999
Library - Lidická 1 
Lidicka 1, 1990

The period of the fascist occupation (1939 - 1945) meant steep deterioration of conditions for the public library - it was also evicted from its building (where a German library was during the war). In 1945 a long-time demand of Southbohemian intelligentsia was realised, and Jihoceska vedecka knihovna (the Research Library of South Bohemia) was created. In 1946 the research library moved to Eggert's villa (Na Sadech) where it was placed untill 1990. After the Velvet Revolution the research library gained a building in Lidicka Street (a former communist museum). In 1999 the municipal part of the library moved from Marianske Plaza to the reconstructed Eggert's villa. From 1979 to 2000 the administration of the former cistercian monastery in Zlata Koruna was handed over to the library. In Zlata Koruna is now located the department of specialist archives - one of the leading workplaces with historical stock in libraries in the Czech republic.

In 1958 the municipal library and the research library were united in one institution: Krajska knihovna, which was in 1979 renamed to Statni vedecka knihovna (the State Research Library) in Ceske Budejovice, the biggest library in the Southbohemian region (with the stock of more than 1,000,000 volumes, 250 000 visitors and 900 000 loans per year). The library co-operates with many Czech public, academic and research libraries, archives and other institutions, it is a member of both Czech and foreign librarian organisations. Since 1995 the library has been using an automatic librarian system and has been connected to Internet.

Since 2001 the library has been funded and governed by the Southbohemian regional authority and it was again renamed to Jihoceska vedecka knihovna (the Research Library of South Bohemia).

In August 2002 three main buildings of the library were damaged by floods (flooded area in buildings was 1.900 square meters, height of water level about 1,7 m). About 120.000 volumes books and periodicals were destroyed. Aftermath of floods was eliminated very quickly due to all employers and friends of the library. Step by step lost documents are acquired back to the library stock.
In years 2001-2002 all six main and branch libraries were connected on-line; nowadays only one card is necessary for identification and readers can use our www pages for loan renewal and reservation of documents.
In years 2006-2007 was rebuilt and enlarged the depository in Kněžské Dvory. The modern building has a capacity for more than 16.000 running meters of the library stock.

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